Meet the Artists – Declan Kelly presents Diesel n’Dub

Recently we sent Chelsea D from The New Thing (Monday 9am) on a round the world trip to get to know some of our upcoming Global Rhythms artists. No other acts possesses such a kaleidoscope of colour and sound as the innovative and outspoken DieselN’Dub!

Hi Declan! How would you describe your life since starting Dieseln’Dub?

Dieseln’Dub has exceeded all my expectations. It has reached far and wide and I am proud to say gets spins on rural radio stations that reach communities throughout outback Australia. It has us representing at some of Australia’s premier festivals and taken us to some remote regions of Australia.

You started this project over a year ago, can you tell us a bit about how you went about selecting the fantastic guest musicians to work with you on this project?

I have worked with almost everyone on the album in some musical project and know most of the musicians like family I guess. Frank Yamma and Radical Son which I am huge fans of were the only 2 I had never met or worked with. To picture hearing these iconic tunes sung by the likes of Katie Noonan, Emma Donovan, Pat Powell and the list goes on…is a dream come true.

Can you tell us a bit about the work you have been doing with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation since you began the project?

It is all about raising awareness for issues such as these. I believe in this foundation and we have brought their awareness into our project and highlight the importance of language, literacy and the importance of reading and the preservation of language in communities.

What have been some of the highlights of Dieseln’Dub since you began?

Premiering at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival was a huge honour and highlight to be performing alongside the likes of The Alabama Shakes, The Wailers and Jimmy Cliff to name a few.


Is there a chance of more music from Dieseln’Dub in the future?

At this stage I am working on some of my own tunes and in production for a new record. Future Dieseln’Dub records are on the cards though.

Can you reveal if any of your Dieseln’Dub collaborators will appear at Global Rhythms?

This festival we will have a cast of many…. Tony Hughes (King Tide), Patou Powell (Melbourne Ska Orchestra), Gambirra and Radical Son to name a few. Its going to be fantastic.

Finally, what can the lucky people who are attending Global Rhythms expect from your performance?

We have taken good care in selecting some iconic songs of Midnight Oil and converted them into Reggae/Dub versions where we will deliver them in a tough Roots Reggae band of some of Sydney’s finest musicians helmed by our Sound engineer Drew Bissett to bring sonic mayhem in a Dub style…Sound Good? (You bet! That’s why you’re playing brother – Ed)

Be sure to catch Declan Kelly Presents Dieseln’Dub at Global Rhythms on Sunday the 25th of September at Bicentennial Park Glebe from 12pm !