Meet The Artists – Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem


We recently sent Chelsea D from The New Thing (Mondays 9am) on a round the world trip to get to know some of our upcoming Global Rhythms artists. First stop was the Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem!

  1. What is an ‘Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem’ in your words?

A collective of talented and knowledgeable DJs/Record collectors that come together to celebrate their love of Tropical dance floor music from Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean and beyond. We specialise in playing old and new Tropical sounds from many of our favourite musical hot spots and host regular sessions where we explore these vibes and rhythms through music, dance and good times.

  1. Who is a part of this fantastic collective?

Trevor ‘El Chino’ Parkee

Tom Studdy

Paris Groovescooter


Walking Fish


Benny Hinn


  1. Tell us a bit about Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem’s inception:

All of the collective have long and varied careers as DJs in Sydney, where we would play international sounds among many other types of music in our DJ sets. Through various connections and a shared love of this kind of music we decided to start hosting our own parties because there was nothing like this happening at the time. Basically we wanted to play longer sets of Tropical sounds and so the natural thing to do was form a collective and start a party. Our goal was to create a session for like-minded individuals to come together and celebrate the richness, diversity and culture that exists in the music in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. It’s been 2 years now and we are proud to say we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

  1. Who are some of the influences that have made their mark on the group?

So many (and too many to name all) from DJs to radio hosts, to record stores to record labels, parties and the broader global community that love and celebrate Tropical music. DJs like Gilles Peterson, Hugo Mendez, Miles Cleret, Simbad, Floating Points, Tahira, DJ Nuts plus so many more. Record Labels such as Sofrito, Analog Africa, Soundway, Africa Seven, Hot Casa, Far Out Recordings, Mr Bongo, Invisible City and the many other labels releasing/re-issuing amazing Tropical sounds. Most recently it’s been the Sydney scene and the people and venues that continue to put on incredible events no matter what the genre or format. It’s always inspiring to be part of a scene that is moving forward and fighting the good fight.


  1. Aside from Global Rhythms, where can people go to boogie to your tropical dance floor sounds?

We host a regular party at our spiritual home PLAY Bar (72 Campbell St, Surry Hills) and from time to time you’ll see our names pop up guesting at other peoples sessions.

  1. Can you reveal any potential plans for future?

Continue growing the party and spreading the message far and wide both here and abroad. Host more international DJs, incorporate more live elements into the party and generally push the sounds we are very passionate about so people can enjoy them with us. Stay tuned as we are constantly on the up.


  1. Finally, what can the lucky people who are attending Global Rhythms expect from your performance?

The best Tropical dance floor sounds this side of the equator. Feel good vibes and rhythms for your mind, body and soul. Infectious energy and a whole lot of love coming through the music.

Be sure to catch Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem at Global Rhythms on Sunday the 25th of September at Bicentennial Park Glebe from 12pm