Meet The Artists – Emily Wurramara

We recently sent Chelsea D from The New Thing (Mondays 9am) on a round the world trip to get to know some of our upcoming Global Rhythms artists. Next stop was Emily Wurramara and a journey into Gondwana!

You have had such a whirlwind last few months, are surprised at all by the amount of support that you have received over the last few months or does it feel like your hard work is paying off?

It’s been a hell of a ride, I’m so proud of how well my EP is doing and I’m just so very grateful for all the support and opportunities that have crossed my Path, I do feel like my hard work is paying off, but there’s so much more hard work to do…..

What were some of your first experiences with music?
Music has always been a part of my life from every perspective, my first experiences with music were when I was at Groote and we were at a ceremony I must have been 4/5 years’ old and I remember sitting there with the women and listening to the old men singing then that night seeing the same old men get up on a stage and rock it with a guitar, I loved it! My first performance was when I was in grade 5 at Zillmere State School I sang “people get ready” at the Multicultural Festival. I was so nervous, but it was such a fun gig.

Tell us a little bit about your EP Black Smoke?

Black smoke is a 6 track EP that has a mix of songs, 3 of which I sing in my mother tongue, anindilyakwa. They’re a reflection of my childhood, stories about my grandmother and influences, and a self-reflection of my present and future. I’ve included a lot of traditional elements (didge, tapsticks) and some classical ones too like the Cello in Black Smoke, I love string instruments, the violin was the first instrument I learnt. I’m really proud of Black smoke, it tells so many stories.

Where do you take inspiration from when creating your music?

I take inspiration from the things around me. Who I was hanging out with? Why? What we did, what happened in the day. I use a lot of my imagination as well, when I create music I put myself in that person’s position, that way I get emotionally connected to the song and am able to bring out the story’s dynamics. I do like to have a jar of Nutella and Doritos around, they’re my favourite go to food when I do song writing.

What have been some of the highlights of your touring life since releasing the EP?

So many highlights! Meeting Christine Anu, meeting Emma Donovon jumping up on stage with Coloured Stone for “black boy” and “dancing in the moonlight” at the Walking with Spirits Festival, which was the most amazing moment ever!!

Finally, what can the lucky people who are attending Global Rhythms expect from your performance?

I guess I’ll be taking them on my journey for a short time, the distant past and the now….   There will be some new songs in the set and a lot of story telling J

Be sure to catch Emily Wurramara at Global Rhythms on Sunday the 25th of September at Bicentennial Park Glebe from 12pm