Still got some questions? That’s cool. See if any of your answers might be below…

  • Is this a family friendly event?

You bet! We love kids. Even when they scream and yell and defy and vandalise. Parents you know what we’re talking about!

What we love most about kids is that they absorb like little sponges so it’s imperative we expose them to the right kind of music growing up. That’s why Kids 12 & under are FREE and Teenagers only $10.

  • What time do you start?

Gates will open at 10:30 to allow the early risers to come in and grab prime position on the grass. An official welcome will happen after midday and the first band kicks off at 11:30am.

  • Are passouts possible?

Absolutely. We like the idea of people coming and going and there’s no need for lockouts here!

  • Can I bring my pet?

Sure. Provided your pet isn’t a crocodile and your loved one enjoys live music and loud noises. There are lots of kids running around so please bear that in mind.

  • Is Sunday pram-friendly? Will there be shaded areas to sit or should we bring our own picnic blanket and umbrella?

You bet. Prams no problem. There are some trees in the festival area but whether they are optimal viewing spots we’re not 100% sure. You can definitely bring a picnic rug but no umbrellas can be staked into the ground. 

  • Any idea what the weather will be like?

Global Rhythms is on rain, hail or shine. It will take a tsunami to cancel our event so be prepared to cater for all conditions. If it’s sunny you’ll definitely need sunscreen for the middle of the day. And remember, once the sun starts to set it will get cooler so bring some warm clothes as the closing acts are not to be missed!

  • Can we bring our own food in?

If you have special dietary requirements of course! Plus this is a family friendly event and we’re not about to start throwing food away. However we’ve partnered again with the Middle Eastern Markets at Global Rhythms who’ll be providing stall after stall of authentic home cooked middle eastern meals beyond gozleme and felafel PLUS a whole raft of other international food and drink stalls!

  • Can we bring our own drinks in?

Anything but alcohol. You can get free water from our bubbler station and coffee and sugar cane drinks among others. Plus Coopers are on board with the bar fully stocked should you need to enjoy an ale, glass of wine or cider or two!

  • Is parking available?

We highly recommend making another way to Global Rhythms other than in your car. Public transport drops you out the front of the park via the Light Rail while buses and bikes are also great ways to get here. With free Bike Valet Parking you can find a comprehensive bike path mapped out at our Getting There page on this website.

  • What’s this we hear about free water?

That’s right! We’ve become so concerned with the impact plastic water bottles are having on the environment that we’ve partnered with Aquabubbler from Melbourne to install a series of water bubblers so that everyone can have as much free water to refill all day. And if you need to, you can even buy a Global Rhythms water canteen from our merchandise store.

  • What’s this we hear about workshops?

What festival wouldn’t be complete without some songwriting and sustainable workshops. Timetables will be posted closer to the event or you can just rock up on the day and join in when it’s all happening.

  • Any ATM’s available?

Best to bring enough spare cash or cards on the day unless you feel like stretching those legs on a long walk round the neighbourhood in search of an ATM…

  • Is merchandise floating around?

Of course! From t-shirts, to water canteens, artist albums and posters you can be sure to grab your very own Global Rhythms merch in anticipation of 2017’s event!

  • Have you got a question that isn’t quite answered here yet?

Drop us a line at tony@globalrhythms.com.au